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Are you Thinking to buy a website or sell a website, domain, or mobile app ?

ACTINIUM will help you find the verified, certified, and desirable genuine second hand, mobile apps, and websites.

Our domain marketplace is a simple and easy-to-use platform to list domains, mobile app, and websites for sale.

While there are too many ways to promote your sale, this online shop makes connecting with interested buyers easy.

ACTINIUM will work as a bridge and allow you a secure platform to directly communicate with the buyer or seller worldwide.

It will help you connect With your customers and earn their trust and provide safe payment transfers between both parties by furnishing proper documentation. All the criteria are thoroughly checked, and if any fraud is detected in between the communication, it is ended immediately, and the payment will be refunded.

The amount is only credited in the end when both the parties are fully satisfied and approve

Thebuilder firms can not register for free, only those who want to buy and sell are registered for free, builders have to pay fee to be listed.

No commission is included in the process. Get your desirable website, mobile app, and websites by connecting with us and take your business to the next level.

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Why Choose Us ? Benefits with us

  •  Want to sell or buy your domains, website or mobile apps? Go for ACTINIUM; we will make sure you find the genuine, right & verified second-hand Domains, website and mobile apps, also that it's got a secure place online
  •  Direct chat services between the buyer and seller all over the world.
  •  ACTINIUM will provide you with a certified and genuine buying/selling platform.
  •  Earn customer trust by furnishing proper documentation connecting buyer and seller.
  •  Safe payment environment will be generated between the buyer and admin and then admin to the seller.
  •  We also provide our customers with verified Website, Mobile App & Digital Marketing Developers. They can easily select any of the developers or team members according to their preferences and budget.
  •  We provide our customers' fraud detection system where they unhesitatingly transfer their payments to us. The receiver is then first verified by our customer support team, and then the amount will then be transferred to the receiver, but if we found any dispute/fraud/bogus, we will refund payments safely to the sender end.

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