Pricing Policy

1. Actinium Pricing Policy

There are two types of charges on Actinium

i) Listing Fee

ii) Achievement Fee

Listing fee is charged when you list your asset or business on Actinium and Achievement fee is charged when the listed asset is sold through Actinium.

2. Listing Fee

There are different kind of listing fee for different kind of digital assets:

i) There will be no charges incurred for listing of Websites, App and domains

ii) The charge for listing service proivder firms will be Rs.199 for one year.

3. Achievement Fee

The Achievement fee rate depends on the Final Sale Value of the asset as decided by the buyer and seller after negotiation.

Final Sale Value Rate of Achievement Fee
Rs.1 – Rs.3,00,000 10%(minimum charge Rs.1000)
Rs.3,00,000 - Rs.7,50,000 7.5%(minimum charge Rs.30000)
Rs. 7,50,001 or above 5%(minimum charge Rs.45000)
There may be banking fee and charges applicable on transactions, they are not included in the Achievement fee.

Actinium may change the pricing policy at any time and will inform its users through mail, continued use of Actinium by users will be treated as their consent to the new pricing policy.

Actinium may refrain from charging the listing fee or achievement fee for any period of time due to promotional scheme or any other reason and this may be treated as a special circumstance and not the general policy of Actinium.