How it Works

1. Listing the Product (The Process of Listing Your Digital property on Actinium)

You can list for sale any digital property or business/ businesses that you own and have the rights to sell and transfer on Actinium.
The following details need to be entered for listing of the product The categories are not mandatory, you can choose what to share and what not, however displaying more relevant information will greatly increase the chances of getting contacted by the potential buyer.

The type of information to be entered are :-

  • Name of the Listing.
  • Type of Listing i.e. App, Website etc.
  • Category of the the Listing i.e.Ecommerce, Informational etc.
  • A brief Introductory information of the Digital property being listed.
    For example: A website engaged in the ecommerce business of electronic gadgets in the state of Delhi.
  • Google Analytics: You can update or add Google Analytics to show your site traffic details on your listing.
  • Google AdSense: You can update or add Google verified Adsense. Financials: Details relating to the financials of the business i.e. Revenue, Expense, Heads of Expense, Gross Profit, Net Profit etc must be entered in this category.
  • Price: The price that the seller wish to receive through the selling of the digital property must be entered in this category.
  • Any other information which is deemed to be relevant by the seller can be entered.
  • If you encounter any issues with Listing your digital property, please reach out to us at

2. Contacting Seller and Negotiation

If a buyer is interested in your business, they can contact the seller via the Actinium discussion forum. Here, you and the buyer can discuss, negotiate and agree on terms.
We monitor all discussions so please ensure any and all discussions done on the Actinium discussion forum are respectful, courteous and polite.

3. Sales Agreement and Payment

The following steps will be undertaken for the completion of the sales process :-

  • The Buyer deposits the agreed amount of sale to Actinium.
  • The buyer and seller sign the sales contract electronically.
  • The seller provides access to accounts, transfer files and data, and do whatever else that is necessary to complete the Digital asset transfer subject to the satisfaction of the Buyer
  • The buyer and seller will give their permission to Actinium to transfer the funds to the Seller’s account.
  • The Actinium will transfer the amount after deducting the success fee as per the terms and conditions of Actinium and will deposit the rest of the amount in the seller’s account.