Increase Chances of Finding a Buyer

Increase Chances of Finding a Buyer

Listing your product in the best way possible greatly enhances the chance of getting contacted by the potential buyer.

Executing the steps mentioned in the following guidelines can greatly enhance your chance of getting a buyer for your asset :-

i) Authentic Information

The information that you give should be authentic and should be backed up by sufficient and reliable proof as this will greatly increase the trust that the potential buyers will place in the listing.


ii) Attractive Title

The Title of the listing should be attractive and garner attention of the buyer.


iii) Introductory Paragraph

This is like the executive summary of your business or asset it should be descriptive and should make the understanding of the business easy for the potential buyers, it can include contents like

Details regarding the Customer base,
Skills that the buyer will require to successfully run the business,
Competitive strength of the business
The competition status



iv) Financials

The financial information shared by the seller should follow these guidelines to garner more attention :-
1. Accurate and sufficiently detailed, more detailed more chances of making a sale.
2. Backed by reliable Proof which should be uploaded by the seller with the listing 3. Should consist data of at least past 12 months.
4. Seller should try to answer as many questions with the listing as he possibly can which the buyer is likely to ask.
For Example
The competitive strength of the company ?
The skills possessed by the team members ?
The future potential ?
The Profitability of the company ?
The major revenue and cost heads etc.
We have provided a template of financial statements for you to enter your data and present it to buyers.


v) Google Analytic

The data of google analytics should be provided by the seller thus increasing the trustworthiness of the claims made by the seller and helping the buyer to make a genuine and authentic image of the business in the minds of the potential buyers.


vi) Quick Response Time

If the buyer has contacted you, then you should not unnecessarily delay the response as it may lead to frustration of the buyer and he may drop the idea of buying your asset.


vii) Price

The seller should carefully set the asking price so that it should be competitive and fair.
Asking exorbitant price for your asset may dissuade many potential buyers who are looking for reasonable deals.

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