How to Transfer Domain Ownership

How to Transfer Domain Ownership

There are two types of domain ownership transfer:

1. Same Registrar

Things you need to know before transfer between two accounts with same registrar

1. Domain Lock Period (10 Days)
It is the minimum number of days domain should be held by owner before transferring it. The domain lock period may vary according to registrar.

2. Ensure admin email is up to date.

3. New Owner is required to have an account with same registrar.

4. Some Registrar give transfer option for account to account transfer.

5. Many Registrars provide a pin to transfer domain to any other account.

6. Some of the registrars ask to submit a ticket and provide new owner’s registered email with his account, in which you want to transfer domain. They will move it to other account.

If Option to Transfer is given :

Let’s take example of

1. Go to your domain

2. Select down list option of the domain

3. Click edit contacts

4. Click transfer domain to another GoDaddy account.

5. Follow the steps displayed there and complete the process.

If Option to Transfer is not given:

In this case, send a request to the registrar through mail and provide them the registered email ID of the new owner.

The entire process of Transfer can take between
10 minutes to 24 hours.

2. Other Registrar

Things you need to care about before transfer to other Registrar

1. Domain Lock Period (60 Days)

2. Ensure admin email is up to date.

3. New owner should register an account on the other registrar.

Steps to change the transfer the ownership

Step 1

Disable WHOIS or Domain Privacy

Step 2

Unlock the Domain (Remove Domain Lock)

Step 3

Get EPP code (Authorization code)

(Note: Provide this to the new owner to initiate domain transfer process on his end.)

Step 4

Request a Domain Transfer
(New owner can start the domain transfer from his registrar account with the help of EPP code, By clicking on Transfer in his account.)

Step 5

Approve Transfer Request Email.

This process will take 5-7 days to complete the transfer.

The information given in this article may or may not be up to date, and the steps and process may vary according to the registrar policies. The concerned parties are therefore urged to contact their respective registrars to know more about the transfer process.

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