Buyer's Responsibilities

Buyer's Responsibilities

The following are the seller’s responsibility in the transfer process :

1. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they are fully aware of the transfer process and capable of receiving and operating all assets and other items, documents, contents, access and all other things which are included in the sale.

2. The buyer should verify with the seller that the seller is in a legal position to fully transfer the ownership and all other assets within the sale of the digital property.

3. The buyer should ensure that he is qualified and is absolutely clear regarding the working process, policies and procedures to take the ownership and possession of the digital asset and all other inclusions in the sale.

Please note that Actinium is providing these guidelines as only limited advice and not absolute direction. The parties should verify and get their own legal and professional advice in relation to the transfer process. The exact process and nature of transfer is the responsibility of buyer and seller and should be discussed and agreed upon by both parties.

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